Dr. Steffi LaZerte

Independent biological consultant and R programmer

I provide services in R programming, R instruction, data management/cleaning, and data analysis. If you are interested in any of these services, please feel free to contact me.


R programming and package development

I am the author of several R packages providing a variety of services from accessing historical weather data from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s website (weathercan) to mapping the flow of water through a landscape (LITAP) to transforming and visualizing animal movement data (feedr).

I take pride in developing R packages that are not only powerful but user-friendly, including informative errors and checking, in-depth tutorials, and instructions.

Teaching R

The power of R to manage and visualize data, to create reports, and perform reproducible statistics is immense. However, the learning curve is fairly steep to start out. I aim to help reduce this learning curve by explaining R in ways that make sense to non-programmers. I also help explain workflows and general best-practices. There is so much more to R than simply statistics.

I teach through formal classes/lectures, workshops, group tutoring, and informal one-on-one tutoring, remote or locally.

Data management

I specialize in managing, preparing and analyzing large and complex data sets used in the fields of environmental monitoring, conservation, ecology, behaviour, evolution, and other natural sciences.

As a biologist specializing in behavioural ecology I also have the training to consider experimental and statistical protocols, biological relevance and other necessary considerations when preparing data for analysis.

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