Organized Symposia

Great R packages for Ornithologists

Organized and invited speakers for this lightning symposium at the 2021-08 Joint meeting of the American Ornithological Society and Society of Canadian Ornithologists / Société des ornithologistes du Canada

Symposium details

  • Steffi LaZerte - “How can ornithologists find R packages?” (GitHub | html | pdf | video)

  • Stepfanie Aguillon - “dplyr: A useful toolbox for manipulating data” (GitHub)

  • Matt Dyson - “sf, raster, and tmap: The spatial data trinity” (GitHub)

  • Mark Padgham - “osmdata: Roadless areas and avian diversity” (GitHub | video)

  • Sunny Tseng - “seewave and tuneR: Sound analysis in ornithology

  • María Juliana Benítez Saldívar - “warbler and Rraven: Bioacoustics in R

  • John Quinn - “soundecology: Using acoustic indices for landscape assessment and monitoring

  • Danielle Ethier - “naturecounts: Millions of bird occurrence records at your fingertips” (pdf)

  • Jessica Burnett - “bbsAssistant: An R package for downloading and handling data and information from the North American Breeding Bird Survey” (Contact for details)

  • Amie MacDonald - “motus: Managing motus data in R

  • Martin Beal - “track2KBA: An R package for identifying important sites for biodiversity from tracking data

  • Elena West - “MixSIAR: An R package for avian diet analysis” (pdf)

  • Evan Adams - “INLA: A way for ecologists to overcome their worst impulses

  • Luke Campillo - “pavo: Color analysis in birds

  • Philipp Boersch-Supan - “moult and moultmcmc: Inference for moult phenology models” (pdf | transcript)

  • Marc-Olivier Beausoleil - “Putting it all together: Ornithometrics — a task view for ornithology


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